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Simplified Bed Bug Preparation

Bed Bugs are tough to control. They hide in many places such as beds, closets, furniture, behind pictures, in tiny cracks in the wall, baseboards, and more. A young bed bug can fit in a crack the width of a piece of paper. So inspections and treatments must be done thoroughly and by a skilled professional. Pest Management Professionals need the cooperation of the customer to effectively control this pest. Before a licensed technician can treat a home for Bed Bugs, the client must:
  • Organize any Clutter in bedroom and living room areas such as Boxes, news papers, shoes, luggage, etc. Throw out items that you don't need. Leave the remaining items in the middle of the room for treatment.
  • Remove all linens from beds couches, sofas, windows etc. and along with all the clothing, launder all items in Hot water and dry thoroughly, and then store in fresh plastic garbage bags tied tightly.(Try to leave as much in these bags after treatment until 2 weeks of no activity has occurred, this will save you the trouble of redoing these preparations if we need to return for the free second visit.) ( Also, clothing items that are clean can be put in the dryer for 1 hour eliminating the cleaning process)
  • Take down all picture frames or hanging items and lean them up against the walls for treatment. Leave down 24 Hours and then put back.
  • Move all furniture one foot away from walls; empty each piece of furniture in bedroom and living rooms as well as all closets. ( In rare occurrences, some items may need to be discarded, which would be determined at time of service)
  • Vacuum any and all carpeting and sofas and throw vacuum bags out immediately.
  • Any visitor, traveler or furniture can reintroduce bed bugs to a structure and pose the possibility of re- infestation if not addressed or avoided.
  • After treatment is completed, the customer must stay out for a minimum of three hour and upon return should vacuum once again.
  • After 10 days, our office must be notified if the problem persists.

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